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Here’s Why 50 Cent Feels Nervous About Not Getting A Gift For His Girlfriend’s Birthday

Here’s Why 50 Cent Feels Nervous About Not Getting A Gift For His Girlfriend’s Birthday

Elections were held after almost daily voting posts and election results are expected to be announced. One of the famous names involved in this long marathon was undoubtedly the famous rapper 50 Cent, and almost every post he made about the elections was talked about a lot. In his last post, he referred to the boards placed in front of the Hermes stores via his official Instagram account asking when all this will end?

Hermès Birkin bags have never been off the agenda lately because a lot of controversies had turned recently about the famous bags after a tweet about black people using these brand bags. Cardi B and Offset gave the necessary replies and ended the discussion telling that they add value to the bags.

Now, this time 50 Cent posted a photo of the front door of Hermes and told his followers referring to the long hours of the elections, wrote that he had been waiting for hours to get a bag at the door for his girlfriend Cuban’s birthday.

Of course, such a thing did not happen, but as it is known, the elections are very intense and everyone is waiting for the results, so all the famous shops on the streets are closed with boards for security purposes as in the photo. Since it is not known how the public will react to the election results, such a precaution was taken and the famous rapper wanted to share a humorous post about it.

Here’s is the caption:

“Damn how long you think this gonna be like this, Cuban birthday coming up. I was out there all day trying to get her one of them bags. LOL”

Check out the post below.

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