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Here’s Why Jamie Foxx’s ‘Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!’ Cancelled By Netflix

Here’s Why Jamie Foxx’s ‘Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!’ Cancelled By Netflix

Netflix have decided to cancel Jamie Foxx’s comedy series ‘Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!’ after one season and fans wondered why the series cancelled after one season.

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me was released on April 14 on Netflix, starring Jamie Foxx, Porscha Coleman, Kyle Drew Simmons. The comedy series inspired by Foxx’s relationship with his daughter, Corinne Foxx.

However, the series did not turn out as desired. According to Variety’s report, Jamie Foxx has reportedly made the decision not to renew the series he co-created with Jim Patterson. Patterson was set to serve as showrunner but left it before the comedy series began and was replaced by Bentley Kyle Evans.

Jamie Foxx, who stood behind the decision to end the series, created the series with showrunner Jim Patterson. Ken Whittingham directed the first six episodes of the show after he left. Bentley Kyle Evans, who replaced Jim Patterson, directed the last two episodes.

On the other hand, the series was quite successful when it first came out and Jamie Foxx promoted it on social media to praise the series. The series even appeared as the most-watched show on Netflix in the first week. However, the changes in the director’s staff of the series seem to have caused the series to end.

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