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Ice Cube Slams American Elections With A Highly Critical Cartoon

Ice Cube Slams American Elections With A Highly Critical Cartoon

One of the best rappers in the hip-hop industry, O’Shea Jackson Solemé or stage name Ice Cube has posted a cartoon that criticizes the 2020 elections on his Twitter page.

On November 3, American electors voted to elect its new president. In addition, more than 100 million people voted online. However, Donald Trump and Joe Biden continue their discussion about the counts in controversial elections as the vote counts have been continuing. People say the American elections will change a lot in the country.

Unlike people, Ice Cube showed that he thought the elections would not change anything. Ice Cube, who met with Donald Trump’s administration just before the elections, was criticized by people, but he said he was not a Trump supporter. He then shared a new post proving this rhetoric, revealing what he thinks about the elections.

Ice Cube exploded the elections by sharing a highly critical cartoon. If you look at the cartoon, dozens of sheep are portrayed lined up to vote for candidates made up of a lion and wolf. The cartoon shows how the elections are nowadays.

Ice Cube shared this photo but made no comments. Many fans flocked to the comment section and they shared what they thought of the cartoon.

A fan named Kendrick commented:

“This isn’t helping your course of action. You could have waited until people forgot that you endorsed Trump before you posted this.”

Another followers named Galmma wrote:

“So did you endorse the Wolf or the Lion.”

Check out the Twitter post below.

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