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Iggy Azalea Asks Fans Support For Her New Song ‘I Am The Stripclub’ As An Independent Artist

Iggy Azalea Asks Fans Support For Her New Song ‘I Am The Stripclub’ As An Independent Artist

Australian rapper Iggy Azalea released her new single ‘I Am The Stripclub’ and shared a crazy music video via Youtube. Iggy, as always, had the huge support of her popular fan base.

As you may recall, Iggy Azalea is an independent artist and complains about YouTube’s unfair treatment. When she released Sip It with Tyga, she took to YouTube and claimed that her music videos were not trending.

Iggy may have faced the same situation again. In his latest tweet, she asked her fans to support this song and said she wanted this song to trend.

Here’s what Iggy Azalea said:

“I really want this video to trend you guys! I was bummed last time, but this time we will get it! This song is important to me, So please support in anyway you can, even texting it to a friend to watch is great support!”

Check out the Twitter post below.

Watch the music video below.

Back on April 4, Iggy Azalea, whose real name is Amethyst Amelia Kelly, was disappointed by this unfair situation. She thought that they treated her like this because she is an independent artist. She also said that Youtube sent the music video to the employees 1 week before the release and they said the video was ‘perfect and no issues.’

She stated:

“So @YouTube won’t recommend my video or add it to trending because of the “content in the video” I’ve waited 48 hours and still can’t get a real answer from anyone at YouTube about why they have far more controversial videos in their trending list as week speak.”

Iggy Azaela also shared another tweet and said the whole industry is as rigged as the Grammys are:

“The Grammys are rigged as fuck and y’all know that now and collectively agree but forget the whole biz is ran by the same mfs planning THAT event… so why don’t you believe the whole industry is the same way… This YALL logic.”

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