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Iggy Azalea Confesses She Has Stolen Jewelry When She Was Broke

Iggy Azalea Confesses She Has Stolen Jewelry When She Was Broke

Australian female rapper Iggy Azalea was quest Delish to play ‘Suck It Up’. She answers “Never have I ever…” questions about her life, the troll Twitter accounts and more while eating the sourest candy.

‘Fancy’ singer has confessed she has stolen something when she was broke. She says she’s not proud of it. She said:

“I have stolen stuff—it’s really bad. When I was broke, I definitely used to steal small jewelry the most. Sometimes you just need those little luxuries, and you can’t afford them. And I would always tell myself that I wasn’t really doing anything wrong because I wasn’t stealing from mom and pop businesses, I was only stealing from the big corporate guys.”

Iggy also advises that no one should steal. She continued:

“They could afford to lose a pair of earrings. But don’t steal, you guys. Don’t do it.”

A few weeks ago, Iggy Azalea has published a new message and revealed the latest rumors about the long-awaited her projects. She announced the release date of her new album and gave a recommendation to fans. And His new album will be released on 19 July 2019.

Here’s her message:

“6 days until my album 😭🍒 please pre-order it and support 🤮🧡 .”

You can see the post below.

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