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Iggy Azalea Finally Releases Super-Exciting Album ‘End of an Era’

Iggy Azalea Finally Releases Super-Exciting Album ‘End of an Era’

Australian rapper Iggy Azalea has dropped her highly-anticipated album ‘End of an Era’ and the album is her possibly final studio album.

In addition to the previously-released tracks “I am the Strip Club” and “Brazil,” the 14-track set includes collaborations with BIA (“Is That Right”) and Sophia Scott (“Sex on the Beach”).

Iggy previously said that being 30 years old really made her think of the last ten years for herself and that she gave that name to her album because she wanted to make a time capsule of what she loved.

On August 13, Iggy took to social media to announce ‘End of an Era’ and tweeted before she chatted with her followers and fans:

“My album is out!!! But guys I’m driving rn on a freeway and have 60mins til I’m home so BRB! Can’t wait to chat!”

After arriving home, the rapper tweeted again and tried to learn her followers’ and fans’ thoughts on the album. She wrote:

“Okay, I’m home! Lol, how’s the album?”

Check out the Twitter posts below.

Listen to the End of an Era album below.

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