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Iggy Azalea Saddens Fans By Saying That ‘I Feel Demotivated As Hell’

Iggy Azalea Saddens Fans By Saying That ‘I Feel Demotivated As Hell’

Everything from the world of music to the world of cinema, from big businesses to small businesses has been badly affected by this challenging year for months. Many famous names share positively or negatively from their social media accounts about how their lives are affected or how they feel in this stagnant period. One of the famous names who lost motivation during the pandemic process was Iggy Azalea, and the rapper shared on her Twitter account that she felt very lazy and all her work was disrupted due to the coronavirus pandemic.

After a long time, such a pandemic had not happened in the world for a very long time, and some people were already struggling enough in their lives, this year they also had a very uneasy and demotivated year.

While many people are fighting the virus, many others are trying to keep their businesses afloat to make a living. During this period, unfortunately, there were many people whose workplaces went bankrupt and were in a difficult situation.

While things are going so difficultly in the world, the famous rapper Iggy Azalea shared a post the other day on her Twitter account. She revealed that she could no longer lie to her followers and she felt extremely unmotivated. The pandemic process that has been going on for months has affected the business lives of celebrities.

As it is known, Azalea previously offered a signed copy of her last single, Dance Like Nobody’s Watching. Now, as fans are wondering where those CDs are, Azalea is most likely feeling quite pressured that she made such a statement on her Twitter account.

Here’s what she said:

“Not gonna lie sometimes I feel demotivated as hell. Im not saying that stops me from doing anything. im just saying. im a lazy bitch. Hi!”

When Azalea’s fan asked her about the signed DLNW CDs, Azalea explained that they haven’t even made them yet and unfortunately it was because of COVID-19. Stating that manufacturers are now working slower than usual, the rapper explained that the waiting times are incredibly longer than ever and that is why she does not even make vinyl.

Although Azaleas’s answer saddened her fans, while everything is going so accented and slow, her expression of laziness sounds absolutely normal and understandable.

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