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Iggy Azalea Shares An Alternative Cover For Her Released EP Titled “Wicked Lips”

Iggy Azalea Shares An Alternative Cover For Her Released EP Titled “Wicked Lips”

The famous rapper Iggy Azalea, who released the new EP “Wicked Lips” in the last month of last year, shared an alternative version of the album’s cover and answered the thoughts of her followers the other day on her Twitter account.

On the original cover, Azalea was wearing a blue dress while holding an apple wrapped in barbed wire in front of a flowered panel. The cover was loved by her fans and although it has a princess vibe, the cover also gave a powerful impression of the rapper.

Here’s what she said:

“It must be tradition that I shoot things twice. Just scrolled past this looking through the photos on my phone.”

On Tuesday, the famous rapper surprised her fans with her barrage of tweets and shared a different version of “Wicked Lips’” cover. She explained that it was a tradition for her to shoot things twice and found this one while scrolling down the photos on her phone. It was different in the aspect of the costume she was wearing, and she looked like she was eating the apple that had a knife in it.

It would be correct to say that it looked a little more amateur than the actual cover, and Iggy confirmed this in her next tweet and explained that she gave this pose in her house garage. Still, it looked quite successful for shooting with limited equipment at a garage.

Here’s what she said:

“If I you can believe it, we shot it in my garage with some barb wire and a painted sheet. Hahaha!”

Fans of Iggy Azalea undoubtedly agree that the actual cover that was released was the right choice. Iggy even confirmed on her Twitter account after a fan said she made the right choice by choosing the original cover and said, “Of course!

Check out the tweets below.

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