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Internet Haters Mock Demi Lovato’s Recent Overweight Photo

Internet Haters Mock Demi Lovato’s Recent Overweight Photo

British singer Sam Smith has posted a new photo on their official Instagram account and shared an intimacy moment of themselves with pop singer Demi Lovato.

A few days prior, Demi Lovato gave a surprise gift to the fans during the-self-quarantine by releasing a new song called ‘I’m Ready’ in a collaboration with Sam Smith.

Today, Sam shared a sincere photo with Demi while hanging out at a home. If you look at the photo, Demi was sitting on Sam’s lap and hugged them tightly.

However, some internet trolls mocked Demi’s overweight with brutal words. some of the followers also claimed that she gained weight during the quarantine period.

Here’s what Sam Smith captioned:


An Instagram hater commented and said:

“Are u Adele?”

Another hater wrote:

“But Adele is so skinny now.”

See the Instagram photo below.

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