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Is Eminem Right For His Fights With The Other Rappers?

Is Eminem Right For His Fights With The Other Rappers?

Undoubtedly one of the most controversial rappers in hip-hop history is Eminem. He either quarreled with most celebrities or dissed them. One of them was New York-based rapper Lord Jamar.

As you remember, during his concert in 2019, Eminem stopped his performance to address Lord Jamar, who’s dissed the Detroit rapper repeatedly over the last few years.

While on stage, Em said ‘I had a dream that I was a f**king nobody who sucked at rap.’ He continued with the following words that read ‘and then I woke up, and you know who I was Mr. Porter? Lord Jamar.’

Detroit rapper Royce Da 5’9″ also discussed whether Eminem was right in this fight. As you know, Royce defended his friend Eminem to Jamar and tried to find a way to make peace.

Here’s what Royce stated:

“It’s very difficult to be close to somebody like Marshall, who doesn’t his platform to do a whole lot of talking. It just is what it is on that level. It’s very easy to assume he’s a certain why. It’s difficult for me as his friend — I know he’s a student of the game, I know there’s admiration for Brand Nubian.”

He continued:

“I know he’s not one of those guys [Jamar] is trying to peg him to be… This dude has been a student of the game the whole time, nothing but contributions. Shit like that always rubbed me the wrong way.”

He added:

“Listen, I’m going to stand up for Marshall cause that’s my friend. I’m always going to stand up for him. I didn’t want to create a situation where I’m disrespecting Lord Jamar, but I’m not always the best with my words. What people don’t understand is that Marshall is my friend.”

See his words about Em via Instagram below.

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