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It Seems Like Bella Thorne’s Longing For Her Boyfriend Will End Soon

It Seems Like Bella Thorne’s Longing For Her Boyfriend Will End Soon

The 22-year-old former Disney Channel star and social media personality, Bella Thorne, took to Instagram for sharing unexpected news about her boyfriend, Benjamin Mascolo, with her 23M IG followers.

As you might remember that Bella Thorne has not seen her beloved boyfriend, Benjamin Mascolo, for a few months because the travel was not possible due to the coronavirus outbreak. Bella was staying at her house in America, but Benjamin was living at his home in Italia. The duo often was talking via FaceTime and sharing some sweet photos from their video call session on Instagram.

Today, Bella Thorne has posted some special photos of her boyfriend via her Instagram and shared the surprise news with her followers. Apparantly, the longing of them is ending because Benjamin will come to America to see his girlfriend on Monday. In the caption, Bella looks delighted because she misses him, but she doesn’t forget to add that too ‘I Wanna Cry.’

Here’s the statement of Bella

“After almost 5 months, I get to see my boy on Monday ❤️  🌎  I wanna cry I’m so happy ❤️  ❤️ ❤️  also peep the hat says my name 😍 .”

Benjamin Mascolo wrote a romantic comment to his GF:

“I’m so excited to see you, my love ♥️♥️.”

You can see the post of Bella right below.

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