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Ja Rule Breaks His Silence About Fyre Festival: “Idiots!”

Ja Rule Breaks His Silence About Fyre Festival: “Idiots!”

Rapper and entrepreneur Ja Rule has posted a new tweet on his verified Twitter page, breaking his silence about the ‘Fyre Festival’ after the harsh criticisms.

The Fyre Festival project, a joint venture between entrepreneur Billy McFarland and rapper Ja Rule, was the largest party project in the Bahamas, including many models and famous artists. However, this party project never happened for some reason. Click here to read the details.

While people still harshly criticized him about the ‘Fyre Festival,’ Ja taking to Twitter to shut down the claim on the issue.

Here’s what Ja Rule stated:

“All of y’all that won’t let the Fyre shit go I have one question… if I was the one who was doing 6 years in prison for fraud and Billy was CLEARED of ANY WRONGDOING would y’all be saying the white guy is guilty still??? I highly doubt it… it be your own ppl I swear!!! 🤦🏾‍♂️”

A Twitter user named Shei Nicole asked this:

“Who’s still talkin about this?”

Ja Rule replied:


Another fan named UniverseTheKing said this:

“Stop feeding the trolls bro 💯 Most of these online people are ONLY people online 💯💯”

Check out the tweets below.

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