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Ja Rule Drops His New Song About The Fyre Festival

Ja Rule Drops His New Song About The Fyre Festival

Last month, Ja Rule‘s name was legally deleted due to ‘The Fyre Festival’ trial. After his name was removed from the case, the rapper entered the studio and decided to show his experiences in a new song called ‘For Your Real Entertainment (FYRE).’

The cover art for the song is a childlike drawing of the infamous cheese sandwich photo that circulated on social media and brought public awareness to the Fyre Festival disaster.

Ja Rule released the song on his official Instagram page, and he also said that his new album will be released soon.

Here’s what Ja Rule wrote:

“For Your Real Entertainment… Fyre… New album release date LEAP YEAR!!! Until then Have fun!!! love y’all… Rule 12.Twelve.XII #Iconn 🖼: @supremerivi11”

He also added:

“I’m still working on the album it’s coming out dope… be patient wit me I’m working on a lot!!! Feb. 29 new date my bday…”

You can listen to the new song below.

In spring 2017, world history witnessed a major festival fiasco. Billy McFarland was arrested and then paroled. Also, A lot of people didn’t get their money back.

One of the responsible for the festival was the rapper, Ja Rule. The rapper was the latest guest on ‘Watch What Happens Live’ with Andy Cohen, he talked about the documentary of Fyre Festival, made by Netflix. He explained he had never watched the documentary.

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