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Ja Rule Reveals The Truth Behind The Fyre Festival: “Wasn’t My Fault”

Ja Rule Reveals The Truth Behind The Fyre Festival: “Wasn’t My Fault”

The Fyre Festival project, a joint venture between young entrepreneur Billy McFarland and rapper Ja Rule, was the largest party project in the Bahamas, including many models and famous artists.

Thousands of people bought tickets for this crazy party. Influencers have been specially invited. Everyone was sure that they would have an unforgettable experience. Even the sponsors of many major festivals like Coachella and Burning Man were considering investing in this festival.

In spring 2017, world history witnessed a major festival fiasco. Billy McFarland was arrested and then paroled. Also, A lot of people didn’t get their money back.

One of the responsible for the festival was the rapper, Ja Rule. The rapper was the latest guest on “Watch What Happens Live” with Andy Cohen, he talked about the documentary of Fyre Festival, made by Netflix. He explained he had never watched the documentary. He said:

“I lived it, Andy… I’m good. I believe now, after everything unravelled, it was a little of both.”

He also has revealed the truth behind the “Fyre Festival”. He continued:

“Well, I mean, wasn’t my fault. Here’s the thing, Andy, I wanna do it the right way, the right partners. And here’s what I know: I have the biggest festival in the world, even if it never happened.”

Watch the full conversation below.


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