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Jack Harlow Reacts To Comparison Between Him And White Men Can’t Jump’s Billy Hoyle

Jack Harlow Reacts To Comparison Between Him And White Men Can’t Jump’s Billy Hoyle

Kentucky rapper Jack Harlow said he hadn’t heard of Billy Hoyle, one of the main characters of the movie White Man Can’t Jump, although he’s about basketball.

Last week, Jack Harlow was a guest at NBA All-Star events with 2 Chainz, Lil Baby, and Quavo. A two-to-two game was held between rappers, and after Quavo’s effective game, Harlow and Quavo were the winners.

Although he may not be very effective during the game, the rapper says he did it for the team to win. In an interview with Uproxx, he discussed his performance in the NBA All-Star and his song about Miami Heat sharp-shooter, Tyler Herro.

Speaking of white people being tagged as shooters, the interviewer asked Harlow if he had heard of the name Billy Hoyle. Harlow said he hadn’t heard that name of the film character before and disappointed fans with his knowledge of the old-school movies.

As you all know, Billy Hoyle is a former college actor and a pretty sharp-shooter, played by Woody Harrelson in the movie White Man Can’t Jump. After that film, white hoopers were tagged as shooters.

Here’s the conversation below.

The interviewer asked:

“He played in jeans, he had to be. You are not necessarily the typical person that you would look and be like, ‘Oh, he plays ball and he raps,’ which is obviously something you reference on ‘Tyler Herro.’ How often do you get called Billy Hoyle?”

Jack Harlow answered:

“Literally not one time in my life. I’d never heard that name.”

He added:

“No. That’s one of the movies that the entire culture grills me for not having seen. And I’m doing my best man, I’ve seen Boyz N The Hood, I’ve watched all these movies, man. I can’t see them all.”

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