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James Gunn Responds To A Fan Who Concerned About Why John Cena Wasn’t In Peacemaker Suit

James Gunn Responds To A Fan Who Concerned About Why John Cena Wasn’t In Peacemaker Suit

Interestingly, Cena was not wearing the Peacemaker costume at a Suicide Squad press conference attended by James Gunn and John Cena. As you know, John Cena took a costume from the set of the upcoming Peacemaker and has always appeared in that outfit.

In early April, John Cena reveals a first look at the interior set of his upcoming show Peacemaker. Cena’s character will make his DC Extended Universe debut in The Suicide Squad, which releases in theaters and on HBO Max August 6.

Back on April 8, Suicide Squad director James Gunn reacted to this news from John Cena and said that he always wanted to wear the Peacemaker suit because he was wearing it all the time.

James Gunn trolled John Cena and talked about his penis after the press conference. Hee tweeted:

“John Cena’s penis was a much more prominent point of discussion than I thought it would’ve been & it seemed to be Pete Davidson who kept bringing it back around to that subject. #TheSuicideSquad”

However, another Twitter user expressed concern about why John Cena wasn’t wearing the Peacemaker suit and asked the director why. Gunn said he was wondering why he didn’t wear John Cena’s suit, but said he lost it. Later, he said that he could not wear the costume at the press conference because it did not pass customs.

Here’s what James Gunn said:

“I was wondering about this myself, especially since I heard a couple of Peacemaker suits disappeared from set. Then @johncena told me that got caught up at customs!”

Check out the Twitter post below.

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