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James Gunn Responds To A Twitter User Who Supports COVID-19 Vaccine Is Bad For People

James Gunn Responds To A Twitter User Who Supports COVID-19 Vaccine Is Bad For People

Director of famous movies such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Suicide Squad, James Gunn responded to a Twitter user who supports COVID-19 vaccine is bad for people and has the perfect response for the user.

People are divided into two regarding the safety of the coronavirus vaccine. While some argue that the vaccine is important for health and mass immunity, others argue that the vaccine causes great damage to the human system and even shortens human life.

James Gunn took to Twitter on Sunday and quoted a tweet from a Twitter user who lost relatives to COVID-19 and tried to encourage people to get vaccinated.

Here’s the tweet:

“Get vaccinated if you can. Science says it. Both Biden and Trump did it. ALL contagious experts agree it’s the right thing to do. Let’s stop tragic occurrences like this, not to mention all of the people living with long term health issues after Covid. Please.”

Another Twitter user said that his 90-year-old grandfather had a heart attack after receiving his first dose and his mother-in-law, who had a chronic illness, thought the vaccine was starting to go bad.

James Gunn replied to the tweet that it was illogical thinking. He said some people might die after getting vaccinated, but they should understand that these deaths were not caused by the vaccine.

Here’s what James Gunn said:

“That’s illogical thinking at work. There are a lot of old people who are getting vaccines. Some of them will die around the time of the vaccine. Human beings want to make everything mean something, so they attribute the death to the vaccine, when it’s likely something else.”

See the Twitter posts below.

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