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James Gunn Reveals The Most Fun Out Of All The Films He Has Worked In

James Gunn Reveals The Most Fun Out Of All The Films He Has Worked In

Director James Gunn responded to a fan’s question and revealed the most fun out of all the films he has worked in on his official Twitter account.

A Twitter user wondered which of all the movies he was working on was the most fun to make, and also asked the director whether he would change anything from his films if he could go back to the past.

Here’s what Twitter user said:

“Out of all the films you’ve worked on which would you say has been the most fun to do? And are there any you wish you could go back and change?”

The director also said that in the past his perfectionism and his fear of not being able to shoot too much let him become part of his inner speech. However, he said he is now allowing creativity to fully reign.

Here’s the response of the director:

“The Suicide Squad was the most fun. This was the result of 1) Making creativity my ultimate priority. In the past, I’d let my perfectionism or my people pleasing or my fear of not making a hit too much a part of my inner conversation. I let creativity fully take the reigns.”

Check out the Twitter post below.

Back on October 27, James Gunn revealed that his The Suicide Squad has nothing to do with David Ayer’s Suicide Squad movie, so the expectations should be accordingly, but we can guess that Gunn’s movie will contain more death and violence.

In his statement, the director will stay true to what fans know and love about the violent outsiders in The Suicide Squad, while at the same time removing the taboo that lead roles never die. It will never be clear who is likely to die, when, and how, so this will add more excitement and adventure to the film.

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