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James Gunn Says He Is Open To Using The Other Supervillains For The Suicide Squad In The Future

James Gunn Says He Is Open To Using The Other Supervillains For The Suicide Squad In The Future

Following the exciting trailer of Suicide Squad, fans are eagerly awaiting the release date of the movie, August 4, 2021. At the same time, James Gunn has been continuing to increase the excitement of the fans by giving some details about the movie on social media.

James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad is a sequel to the 2016 movie, and like the first movie, it will feature a group of supervillains from the DC Expanded Universe who are forced to assemble a team and fight evil.

If you are a big follower of James Gunn on Twitter, you can see that he gives golden information about the characters and the upcoming movie. Recently, James Gunn interacted with his fans again and answered the questions of the fans on his certified Twitter account.

James Gunn took to Twitter to answer a fan’s question. When he first thought of writing The Suicide Squad to his fan, who asked why these characters were for Suicide Squat, he said that he kept a file folder of the characters he thought of, and shared images of some of them.

Saying that every character in The Suicide Squad was chosen for a purpose, Gunn said that although he liked most of the other characters, he decided not to show them in the movie because they did not serve the story well.

However, Gunn said he’s open to using these supervillains in the future, and there are many more great DC Comics characters.

Here’s what James Gunn said:

“When I first considered taking the job of writing #TheSuicideSquad I kept a file folder of characters I was considering. Here are just a few (of many) that didn’t make the cut (for now!)

Every character in #TheSuicideSquad was chosen for a purpose, great or small, and although I love many of these other characters, they didn’t serve the story quite as well.

I am of course open to using them in the future. And there are many more wonderful @DCComics characters where these came from. See #TheSuicideSquad in theaters next month!”

See the Twitter post below.

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