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Jamie Dornan On The Life He Lives Which Is Highly Different From Most Of The Hollywood Actors

Jamie Dornan On The Life He Lives Which Is Highly Different From Most Of The Hollywood Actors

The star of the ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’ Jamie Dornan, after spending time with his family in quarantine for a while, is now counting the days for his new movie ‘Wild Mountain Thyme,’ to air.

The 38-year-old famous actor, in his last interview with Ramin Setoodeh from ‘Variety’, spoke about how he lives with his family and why he prefers to live away from Hollywood, apart from his new movie.

Jamie Dornan now lives on a farm in the English countryside with his wife, Amelia Warner, and their 3 young daughters. The actor, who has been living a farm life for some time like in the old movies, also has a lot of animals such as horses, chickens and goats on his farm and he admits that he is far from the flamboyant lifestyle of a normal Hollywood star.

Here’s what he stated:

“A horse, five chickens, three goats, a dog and a cat. As I look at you, I look at two of my goats. And the light is fading, and they’re looking at me as if I’m going to feed them more. But yeah, I’m a million miles from the Hollywood sign.”

The famous actor, who also shared his thoughts about the Hollywood world, stated that it was show business and that everyone was a part of the show. That’s why most actors are reluctant to show their inner world, and everyone is trying to show the best version of themselves which he finds quite exhausting.

Here’s what he stated:

“I think a lot of us are hiding aspects of ourselves, particularly in Hollywood, and how heightened those interactions are. It’s a show, and everyone’s on show and trying to give their best version of themselves, and you’re trying to give everybody the hits all the time. It’s kind of exhausting.”

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