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Jamie Foxx Makes A Sad Racism Statement: “Why Do They Hate Us So Bad?”

Jamie Foxx Makes A Sad Racism Statement: “Why Do They Hate Us So Bad?”

On his recent Instagram post, actor and singer, Jamie Foxx, reacted to racist murders after the horrible death of a young black man named Ahmaud Arbery in the US state of Georgia.

It was reported from the many sources that, on 23 February,  the 25-year old young Ahmaud Arbery killed by the 64-year-old white man and his 34-year-old son when Arbery was out running in the Satilla Shores neighborhood of Brunswick in Georgia’s Glynn County.

After this horrific attack, Jamie Foxx left the contact details of Liberty county district attorney by demanding that the father-and-son be charged for the murder of Ahmaud.

Plus, the 52-year-old artist prayed to God to protect their families from these horrible racist murders. He also reproached and queried why they hate black people.

Here’s what Jamie Foxx stated:

“No words. God bless the families and god bless us. Why do they hate us so bad? Is the question I have asked since I was a little boy in Texas… what did we do to deserve so much hate?”

In his another Instagram post, he captioned:

“‘Here’s what they think about you’ Ice Cube voice. My heart goes out to the family and friends of this young man… If you don’t believe that there is racism in this country and it is getting worse then you were living in a dream world… When the leader of the free world embraces angry bigoted people… This is what happens… We will change the course… We won’t be silent.”

An Instagram user named carlad1958 commented and said:

“There is big racism in this county. Didn’t we get a big wake up on that when President Obama was in office? Our country is an embarrassment.”

Another user named brandymiller351 penned:

“This broke my heart last night as I watched it on the news! WTH!! He was hunted like a poacher hunts game. Disgraceful! Justice needs to be served.”

See the Instagram post below.

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