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Jamie Foxx Stands Against The Double Standard While Sharing A Video That Shows The Facts Of Being A Black Man

Jamie Foxx Stands Against The Double Standard While Sharing A Video That Shows The Facts Of Being A Black Man

Eric Marlon Bishop known professionally as Jamie Foxx, in his latest post once again showed that he thinks that the police in America are discriminating between people by giving an example of behavior that was double standard on his Instagram account.

Jamie Foxx is a famous name who is both a successful actor and a singer who tries to make his voice heard in social issues and advocates for social equality.

On Monday, he posted a video drawing attention to the violence that black Americans were subjected to by the police. At the beginning of 2020, the violence resulted in the Black Lives Matter Movement, which was launched after the difficulties and deaths of black people in the United States.

As you can see in the video down below, Jamie Foxx’s aim was to show people about the double standard that the black people face every day.

In the video, a white man has a gun in his car and the man stands against the cops and threatens to shoot them, but the cops do nothing against the man ending it in a non-violent way.

In the same situation, the famous actor, who thinks that the reactions of the police will be much harsher in the case of a black driver, explained that he gets nervous when he sees a police officer driving although he is a law-abiding citizen.

At the end of his caption, Jamie Foxx pointed out that people think they are exaggerating but they aren’t. They are protesting to get fair treatment just like white people, but people don’t understand their cause correctly.

Here’s the caption:

“Double standard? As a black man driving in my car when I see a police officer I can’t help but get nervous because of what I’ve gone through in the past…

I am a law abiding citizen I am a person who respects the police… But I have also had the police pull guns on me because I ‘fit the description’

When we went to the protest this year to plead our case To simply say that we don’t want special treatment just fair treatment…people were outraged…When trying to explain that police officers treat people of color differently…

Somehow people think that we re exaggerating…In this clip you see hard evidence of a double standard when it comes to police treatment between a black man and a white man… i’m glad that this ended in a non-violent way… But can you at least see what we are trying to say?”

This discourse from Jamie Foxx caused different opinions to occur among his followers. Some of them agreed with the famous actor, while others thought black people are generalizing all the cops without knowing the person.

A follower named Norberto Rodriugez wrote:

“Every white cop is not the same you can’t say they would have not done the same thing for a black driver. Don’t judge without know the person.”

Another follower nicknamed sincerlyyyourzzz wrote:

“It’s not that don’t SEE what we’re saying, it’s they don’t CARE what we’re saying.”

The wife of actor Eddie Murphy, Nicole Murphy wrote:

“Omg!!! If that would have been a Blk man… Jesus!!!!! They definitely would have shot him.. he put his hand on his gun. Smh !”

Check out the post below.

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