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Janet Jackson Encourages Teyana Taylor To Continue Her Music Career In Her Special Birthday Note

Janet Jackson Encourages Teyana Taylor To Continue Her Music Career In Her Special Birthday Note

The legendary late star Michael Jackson’s lovely sister and famous R&B singer Janet Jackson celebrated Teyana Taylor, one of the successful R&B singers of the new era, with her birthday message on her Instagram account.

Teyana Taylor has been one of the most influential and most productive names this year and the singer, who spent the year 2020 quite intensely and productively with an album and single news she shared consecutively, released her latest album ‘The Album’ in June.

In November, Teyana Taylor announced that she would quit making music and retire, but she faced reaction from her fans. Taylor told her fans that she had to keep her peace and she is not giving up on anything else.

On Thursday, one of the names celebrating Teyana Taylor’s 30th birthday was Janet Jackson, and she shared a photo with Taylor showing everyone how special she is for her while supporting her to continue making music in her birthday note.

In her caption, Janet Jackson wrote to Taylor that she has an undeniable gift from God and warned her never to lose it. Continuing her words, she expressed that she thought that Taylor added something special to the sector with her talent and that she should continue to affect the world.

In the continuation of her final words, the successful artist drew attention to an important issue and emphasized that when the albums did not win first place or did not win an award, it did not mean failure, if it were, she should have quit music already, but she didn’t.

For this reason, she congratulated Taylor’s birthday by adding that she should continue to make music by using her talent in the same way as her and that she is always there for her if she needs anything.

Here’s the caption:

“Teyana, you have an undeniable gift from God. Don’t ever let that go. You bring something so special to the industry and you continue to have such an impact on this world.

Imagine if I gave up after my first or second album didn’t hit #1, or win any awards?We do this for the love, the passion and the fans. Never forget, a talent like yours is unstoppable.

I luv you and know that I’m here for you always. I hope you enjoy your special day. 🙏🏾😘 #BlackGirlMagic 👸🏾”

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