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Jared Leto Shares His Hilarious Story About Eddie Van Halen

Jared Leto Shares His Hilarious Story About Eddie Van Halen

After the death of the legendary guitarist of the Van Halen band, Eddie Van Halen, many famous names paid tribute to Halen and remembered him with respect. Distinctly, famous actor Jared Leto shared a childhood memory with Halen, who deeply saddened everyone with his death. With his story Leto made his followers smile via his Instagram account.

For a long time, Eddie Van Halen struggled with throat cancer and eventually lost the battle to it. He was the most important member of his band Van Halen. He was ranked 8th in the list of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time by Rolling Stone magazine.

Actor Jared Leto shared an ’80s childhood memory in his post about Halen and said there was a sign that said, “NO VAN HALEN JUMP!” at a local music store and in that store there were new instruments called “synthesizers.” Because the song was very popular in those years, everyone played the songs on those instruments so the store had to ban the song.

Later on, Leto admitted that despite the ban, he continued to play to annoy the music store employees. He had great fun. Continuing this joyful memory, he revealed that he had saved up to buy a brand new Roland Juno 106 and had one of his favorite instruments at the age of 12. He stated that the ’80s were on fire and thanked Eddie for this great memory.

Here’s Jared Leto’s hilarious story:

“When I was a kid there used to be a sign at the local music store that said “NO VAN HALEN JUMP!” The fact that so many of us would go in and play the song on these newly released instruments called “synthesizers” that they had to ban it, was a testament to the song’s popularity.

Much to the annoyance of the music store employees, I played it anyway. With glee. I saved up my money from a paper route (and selling weed) and promptly bought a brand new Roland Juno 106. Still one of my favorite instruments. I think I was 12. And the 80s were on fire. Thanks Eddie. RIP

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