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Jared Leto Shows How He Dressed Under The Self-Quarantine

Jared Leto Shows How He Dressed Under The Self-Quarantine

Academy and Golden Globe-winning actor, Jared Leto, has shared a new photo of himself on his official Instagram account and showed how he dressed under the self-quarantine over coronavirus disease.

As we all know, coronavirus has spread all over the world from China and is a disease with deadly consequences on humans. Since the beginning of the city of China, Wuhan, thousands of people have infected with this disease. People began to quarantine themselves in their own homes to prevent the coronavirus spread.

However, Jared Leto recently revealed that he was doing a silent meditation for the past 12 days in the desert and he was unaware of the coronavirus epidemic. After returned his isolation from the world, he was shocked when discovering Americans self quarantining and officials telling citizens to follow ‘social distancing.’

After all, Leto took to social media to make a nice joke about the social distance and, showed how he dressed in self-quarantine due to the coronavirus epidemic. In the photo, he appeared in a multi-color glam dress and fans get delighted. In the text on the photo, there was a caption stating how he gets dressed while going to the living room.

His photo has reached 350K likes in a short time, with most of the followers headed to the comment section to show their reaction to his hilarious photo. He also left a funny note in the caption.

Here’s what Jared Leto said:

“Ready for the weekend”

An Instagram fan named common.nerd commented and said:

“That’s so Jared of you.”

Another user named the.real.marty wrote:

“Let’s meet in the kitchen 😂”

See the Instagram photo below.

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