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Jason Derulo Sparks A Discussion On Twitter Responding To A Critical Comment About Himself

Jason Derulo Sparks A Discussion On Twitter Responding To A Critical Comment About Himself

Successful singer Jason Derulo, who recently made hits like ‘Take You Dancing‘ and ‘Savage Love,’ sparked a discussion with a tweet he responded to on Twitter, and many people expressed their opinion on the subject.

The famous singer, who made a strong impression with his stage show on The Voice last week and sang his songs in a winter wonderland, was recently very successful with his songs and got named among the most listened artists this year.

The 31-year-old musician is having a very lucky year in 2020, not only with positive developments in his business life but also with his girlfriend Jena Frumes in his private life.

On Saturday, Jason Derulo came across a different tweet about himself on Twitter and started a discussion by responding strikingly to this comment he couldn’t understand.

In the tweet about Jason Derulo, the NBC News Senior Business correspondent Stephanie Ruhle asked her followers for help because she saw Jason Derulo’s pic on her seven-year-old daughter’s screen saver and she thought it as a problem.

Seeing this tweet, the famous singer interpreted this as a racist approach and asked Stephanie Ruhle would it still be a problem if the person her daughter admired was a white person.

Here’s Jason Derulo’s tweet:

“Would this be questioned if I were white?”

While it is not known whether Stephanie Ruhle wrote with racist intentions, many Twitter users were involved and expressed their opinions.

While many expressed that the mother’s concern was because of the younger child’s age, some found it wrong to give a phone to a child at that age, but many did not think the comment was about racism.

One of them wrote:

“Wtf does race have to do with this? If its a shirtless photo maybe she means exactly that. Is that appropriate for a 7 yr old to see and no its not.”

Another follower wrote:

“In my opinion, If it’s a shirtless photo, then I can see an issue considering she’s only 7. But if it’s just a simple photo, then I don’t see an issue and it may come off racist. It’s hard to tell considering she didn’t really drag race into it.”

Check out the tweet below.

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