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Jeezy Reveals What He Thinks About The Nominee Of Kamala Harris For Vice President

Jeezy Reveals What He Thinks About The Nominee Of Kamala Harris For Vice President

Joe Biden’s campaign process continues to be supported by many famous names. One of them is Jeezy, whose real name is Jay Wayne Jenkins. Jeezy is a rapper, singer, and songwriter.

On Thursday, he will attend the campaign of Biden to discuss the problems of the Black community.

After the shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin, a series started called Shop Talk, and they are focusing on how to improve the lives of Black men and protect them from unjust police behavior. The other focus will be on COVID-19 and how it has affected them.

Last year, Jeezy, met with Biden, but he wasn’t supporting him just back then. But this year, after a phone conversation with Kamala Harris, he said his mind had changed.

The reason for this is that Biden’s election campaign is talking about something that no one is talking about. Stating that this period is difficult for everyone, it is much more difficult for Black men and that he would listen and support whoever would make a voice and effort to correct this situation.

Here’s what he said:

“I think that the fact that he spoke on doing something about it is unique because I don’t hear that from any of the other candidates. Being a black man in America is definitely a hard job right now. So anyone who is going to come and try to help us with that burden, I have to take the time to hear them out, see what their plan is and see how they are going to go about these things.”

Jeezy also noted that no problem is easy enough to fix in a single move, but it is important that at least someone makes an effort to listen, understand, and fix them.

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