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Jenna Dewan Shares A Motivational Note For Her Followers While Revealing Her Best Intentions For 2021

Jenna Dewan Shares A Motivational Note For Her Followers While Revealing Her Best Intentions For 2021

Actress and the ex-wife of actor Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan updated her Instagram feed and shared her feelings about 2020 while revealing her best intentions and resolution for the new year.

This year has been a year of difficult and sad events to cope with in every aspect, and for the first time people all over the world have experienced the same difficulties at the same time, so everyone knows very well what other people feel.

On Tuesday, just 2 days before the new year, the 40-year-old actress took Instagram to motivate her followers and wrote an encouraging note to make them continue on with their lives despite everything that has happened this year.

Here’s the caption:

“Flat, tired, absolutely smashed? Our cups will fill up again. If this was a challenging year for you, reflect on it, feel all of the feelings while one foot is on solid ground.

In an ever changing world, finding safety in regular grounding and earthing is an important practice, remaining solid like a tree while the tides of emotion move around us observing them with gentle curiosity.”

Moreover, she wanted everyone to take a break from the internet in the new year and remind themselves that they exist in the world for a reason and they are loved. The actress advised her followers to let the past go and move on forward because they all succeeded in making it this far.

She continued:

“New experiences are coming, hopeful futures and a different energy. But if this Cancer full moon that is closing out 2020 tells us anything, it is release, rest and nourishment. Let it go.

Focus, will and determination is key to overcoming inaction and stagnation after a huge year for all of us. The way through into the future is by finding our personal power, and we all know that lies within.

Our inner worlds have had their fair share of digging if you peered into the crevices. Give credit where credit is due, if you’ve done some mammoth excavation, congratulate yourself, hug your heart, release and bathe under the light of this mothering moon.

Be gentle as we close this calendar year and start a new one. Don’t force anything. Let it flow.Do what nourishes you. Which will look completely different from what nourishes someone else.

Come home to self, have a break from the internet and remember why you are here. Remember joy. And remember that you are loved. Congratulations for making it this far.”

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