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Jennifer Aniston Rocks The Social Media With Her Glamorous Frames

Jennifer Aniston Rocks The Social Media With Her Glamorous Frames

Actress Jennifer Aniston has uploaded a new photo series of herself on the official Instagram page, stunned the followers with her ultra-perfect glamorous frames.

Jennifer recently appeared in front of the camera for cover photos of Interview Magazine, and her close friend Sandra Bullock surprised her with an interview for her 51st birthday.

As you might see in these photos, Aniston showed off her perfect beauty and body, still looking gorgeous although her advanced age.

These photos have reached more than 7.2 million Instagram likes in a really short period, with most of admirers and celebrities stopped in the comment section to show their love for the actress.

Here’s what Jennifer Aniston wrote:

“Thank you @interviewmag for this birthday surprise. I had no idea this would be coming out today. Feeling proud and honored to be celebrating with this cover. Thanks to the Interview team for celebrating women at every age… turns out 51 is pretty fun.

And thanks to @nickkharamis, @melzy917, @alique_studio, @mrchrismcmillan, @gucciwestman — and my sister from another mister Sandy Bullock for talking to me about whatever the hell we were talking about. I love you so much. 🥰🥳”

Friends actress Courteney Cox reacted to the photos and said this:

“Are you kidding????🔥🔥🔥🔥”

Justin Bieber’s wife, Hailey Baldwin Bieber wrote this:

“I am dead! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥”

Reese Witherspoon commented:

“✨Always a stunner! ✨”

Singer Mariah Carey said this:

“Happy happy birthday!!!! More 🔥💖 by the minute 😘”

You can see the Instagram photos below.

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