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Jennifer Garner Makes Everyone Smile As She Tries To Play The Famous Game In ‘The Crown’

Jennifer Garner Makes Everyone Smile As She Tries To Play The Famous Game In ‘The Crown’

One of the funniest and coolest actresses in Hollywood, Jennifer Garner, once again made her followers smile with her latest post on Instagram.

In the last days of 2020, the beautiful actress Jennifer Garner tries to bring joy to people’s lives by posting different kinds of videos or photos in which everyone can participate in or at least have some fun.

On Wednesday, she took Instagram to post a close-up selfie in which she had many black dots on her face. She looked all smiley and happy, but for her followers who didn’t know what that meant, she also shared a video to clarify why she had dots on her face.

The video was a scene from ‘The Crown‘ series where the members of the royal family played a different game called Ibble Dibble. Basically, Ibble Dibble is a drinking game played by a large group of players who have to repeat the phrase correctly otherwise when they make a mistake, the game requires them to drink and put a black dot on the face.

As it can be seen in Jennifer Garner’s photo she probably made many mistakes, therefore got many dots all over her face, but her post was admired by her fans and a cast member from ‘The Crown’ also wrote a comment.

Here’s the caption:

“When your dibble-ibbles get ahead of your ibble-dibbles. ♥️👑🍷😬 Hi @gilliana @erinrdoherty and @thecrownnetflix, I couldn’t love you more.”

The actress Erin Doherty wrote:

“AS IF! This is the greatest Christmas present of all time.”

One of the fans wrote:

“That scene in “The Crown” was hard to watch… on so many levels.”

Another fan added this comment:

“Jen this makes you a LITERAL queen (we’ve known for a while but now it’s official)”

Check out the post below.

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