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Jennifer Lopez Gives A Clever Answer On How She Would Like To Be Thought Of 20 Years From Now

Jennifer Lopez Gives A Clever Answer On How She Would Like To Be Thought Of 20 Years From Now

‘Jenny from the Block’, Jennifer Lopez, has become one of the music and pop icons of the industry over the years and this year the Billboard gave her the Women In Music Icon Award and made an interview with the singer who launched her own beauty line JLO Beauty.

Jennifer Lopez is an artist who makes a strong impression with her stage shows and won everyone’s appreciation with her visual show at the Super Bowl last year. In addition, the singer, who showed her acting skills in Hustlers movie last year, was not awarded an Oscar even though the movie was liked by the audience. Although this situation affected the artist at first, she thinks that she does not have to prove anything to anyone anymore.

Here’s what JLO stated:

“It really came to fruition for me when I got snubbed for an Oscar. Because it did hurt. But I realized I don’t need to prove anything to anyone. Look at my life right now. All I do is try to do something more exciting, more creative, and more impactful than I did last time. “

Jennifer Lopez, who explained what being an icon means to her as a world pop icon believes that it is a person who defines a time or an era.

While there was not much variety in the industry when she started working in her twenties, size 0 models were usually on the covers of the magazines, JLO as a Latina did not hesitate and managed to break all taboos and offer everyone something very different.

She continued:

“I think of an icon as somebody who defines a moment or an era. [Someone like] Barbra Streisand, a singer, actor, producer, and a director who wound up defining movies in a different way, because her beauty wasn’t typical.

When I started working in my early 20s, it was size 0 models on the cover of magazines. Tall, blonde, white, sometimes Black. But never Latina. I didn’t shy away from being from the Bronx, I didn’t shy away from my humble beginnings. I embraced all of it to be who I was and offer something really different. “

Twenty years from now, the famous singer, who always believes that she will have a place as Jenny from the Block in the people’s memories, thinks she is an example to other people that there are no limits to success and everyone can get courage by seeing her inspiring achievements.

Here’s what she said:

“I will always be Jenny from the Block. I’m the people’s icon. I’m the person that you look at and say, ‘I can do that because she did it.’ I am the person that people relate to, the person who’s down to earth, who’s loving and cries and is caring and tough – all the things you would expect this little Puerto Rican girl from the Bronx to be.”

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