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Jess Glynne Writes An Apology Letter Due To She Cancel Her Concerts

Jess Glynne Writes An Apology Letter Due To She Cancel Her Concerts

British singer and songwriter Jess Glynne has posted a black screen on her official Instagram page, and she penned an apology messege for her fans. She canceled her all concert in this week because some health problems.

Here her apolgy letter:

“I am a human being and I can’t help that my body sometimes gives up on me. I am so so gutted, sorry and upset that I couldn’t perform yesterday. I came all the way I got ready and was about to head to stage but I just couldn’t do it.

I was incredibly weak and full of anxiety. The last thing I ever want to do is let people down, I am sorry to anyone who I upset it was not my intention. I had to do what was right for my physical and mental health. Kills me having to explain myself but I’ve just seen so much negativity online and in the press and it’s so frustrating and a load of bullshit.

I refuse to be made to feel like a bad person. I’m sure many of you out there haven’t been well a day in your life and not been able to go to work. Well, I’m no different to you! I’m now taking this week off to get myself better and to step away from the madness. To all my fans I love you and thank you and will always make sure I’m at my best for you! Love always! Jx.”


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