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Jessica Alba Shares Very Useful Tips To Feel More Connected During The Pandemic

Jessica Alba Shares Very Useful Tips To Feel More Connected During The Pandemic

In addition to her successful acting career, Jessica Alba, who is now a successful businesswoman, established the Honest Company in 2011, and the company with its 190 employees is expanding into new marketplaces.

The company founded by the actress includes a completely nontoxic beauty and home goods brand which aims to be a force of good in the world. While at first many saw it as a simple attempt by an actress from Hollywood, Alba made a huge success and is working hard to bring her company to world standards.

In her last interview with Women’s Health, she explained that this year she had to switch from office to home environment and that she took a break from her busy schedule by spending time with her three children and family.

Furthermore, the beautiful actress, who learned that she should not wear herself down too much, also learned to feel more comfortable with the pandemic and enjoyed the special moments she spent with her children.

Here’s what she stated:

“The pandemic has forced me to be comfortable with things not being completely buttoned up, with allowing myself to not always have the answer, for mistakes to kind of stay as is.

It’s also reinforced that real joy comes from the moments when, you know, we’re playing a game with the kids at dinner, or when [son] Hayes wants to show us his latest trick on the scooter, or from our family walks. That’s the stuff that truly matters.”

During this period, Alba, the mother of three children, who also devoted more time to herself, started to pay more attention to self-care, to eat plant-based, to take walks and to feel peace by using natural stones, but most importantly, she learned to do these things in a balanced way for her health.

She continued:

“Four days a week, I try to eat plant-based, and I don’t drink alcohol. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, all bets are off. That feels like moderation to me.

Understanding the full scope of what I need to be my best self for my kids, my friends, my family, my work, and most importantly, probably, for me, so I can feel more…I hate the word balanced, but maybe…more connected.”

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