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Jessie J Proves She Loses Nothing From Her Talent Despite Her Meniere’s Disease By Sharing A Video On IG

Jessie J Proves She Loses Nothing From Her Talent Despite Her Meniere’s Disease By Sharing A Video On IG

The successful singer Jessie J shared a special video in which she sang a random little song to her followers on her Instagram account and gave them advice for cheering them up.

The 32-year-old singer has an incredible voice which calms down one’s nerves and makes one feel at peace. Therefore, Jessie J frequently shares short videos singing to her fans and also writing little notes about life that could inspire them to feel better.

Last month, Jessie J was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease and she had trouble in singing, hearing, and walking because it is an ear condition that can cause sudden dizziness, lightheadedness, and hearing loss.

On Monday, the singer preferred to sing something other than her popular songs, so she made up a song about crying in 2 minutes and shared it on her Instagram. In the song, she says there is no reason to cry and tells them to listen to the silence in their hearts.

In the caption of the video, Jessie J explained that anyone might have a reason to cry although she said the opposite in the song. The point she wanted to make was about not defining yourself with the sadness you feel and staying in peace because finding your inner self in the silence is more powerful than carrying a burden in your heart.

Here’s the caption:

“Random little song I just made up about 2 mins ago. That someone might need. If that’s you. 💭 of you
🤍 You got it 🤍

Also you might have a reason to cry. Just try not to define yourself on the sadness you feel. You are so many layers. Layers come and go, the bad ones just hit a little harder. Stay in your peace.

There is a lot of noise in the silence. Keep listening. Keep running into yourself. That’s the key. Hold space for you and your heart. You are so much stronger than you might believe. ✨”

After this supportive post, Jessie J received many positive comments from her followers.

A fan thanked her and wrote:

“Thank you for existing, my days are being difficult but I find comfort in your music, ilysm jessie❤”

Another follower said Jessie J always understood how people felt and wrote:

“You always feel the people and always know how to comfort them… you’re so sensitive… it’s like you’re always says what someone needs to hear… your words always will suit for someone… thank you for be so human.. so kind.. I love you so much!!”

Check out the post below.

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