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Jessie J Reveals A Secret About Herself By Saying “It’s Normal Not To Feel Okay”

Jessie J Reveals A Secret About Herself By Saying “It’s Normal Not To Feel Okay”

Recently, there is a trend where celebrities are sharing their past or present life troubles with their fans in the aim of being an example for people who are suffering because of the same problems. One of these successful artists is the singer Jessie J and she shared a special video in which she both sang and gave an important message about not feeling alone.

People may experience terrible things at any time in their lives, or they may just not feel as good as before. These are human emotions that are normal to feel in such a stressful world. For this reason, people who are alone or who are not feeling well should not look for an abnormality in themselves and hide it.

Successful singer Jessie J drew attention to this issue in her post on Sunday and explained that it’s so important for people to understand that it is very normal to talk about not feeling OK.

Moreover, she illuminated that sometimes out of nowhere people’s lives could just kinda turn upside down. Jessie J assured her fans that if they feel the same way they are not alone because she also suffered from severe anxiety in her life, but she overcame it.

In the continuation of her sharing, she explained that she will continue to write music that helps people to understand how they feel. After that, the singer made her fans happy by singing the song “Who You Are” in the video with her beautiful voice and also supported them with her important message. After this supportive post, she received many good comments from her followers.

One of her followers named Kat Guinnes commented:

“You are an angel. The amount of light you shine on others is ✨”

Jessie J answered her fan and said:

“Kat Guinnes it’s the only reason I started and still do what I do. Thank you for seeing me. I see you too.

Another fan named Chantelle wrote:

“I miss you being on stage you always know how to make everything feel a little better thank you❤️”

Check out the post below.

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