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Jessie J Saddens Fans As She Shares Disappointing News Due To The Rapid Proliferation Of The Pandemic

Jessie J Saddens Fans As She Shares Disappointing News Due To The Rapid Proliferation Of The Pandemic

The successful singer Jessie J was getting ready for a live concert on ‘Dream Stage Live’ on December 6 and was planning to meet with fans after a long hiatus, but she had to share disappointing news from her Twitter account about the concert.

Although the pandemic reduced its course worldwide in the summer months, with the arrival of the winter months, the rate of spread of the virus increased considerably, so countries began to go into quarantine one by one. Jessie J was one of the names affected by the measures taken worldwide.

On Friday, she announced on her Twitter account that she was terribly sorry to postpone her concert for an unpredictable date. California has also made local health restrictions and therefore giving a concert was no longer possible.

Jessie J was so excited to perform her music for her fans, but according to her, the safety of her band and team were more important. She reassured everyone that they will reschedule the concert as soon as possible and the tickets will be refunded.

Finally, Jessie J expressed how she was disappointed after this unfortunate news because she missed her fans very much. She is excitedly waiting for the day to come to sing and dance with her fans again soon and sent her love to them.

Here are the tweets:

“I’m truly sorry to share that due to the local health restrictions in California, the December 6 live concert on @dreamstagelive
is no longer possible. I was so excited to perform for you again, but safety for my team and band is equally important.

We will reschedule the show as soon as we can, for now tickets will be refunded from Dreamstage point of purchase. I’m so disappointed, and miss you all so much! I can’t wait to sing and dance with all of you again soon. Please continue to stay safe and keep your spirits high.

We will all be together again soon. Sending my love.”

Check out the tweets below.

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