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Jessie J Shares Her Tips On How To Spent This Christmas Alone While Still Being Grateful

Jessie J Shares Her Tips On How To Spent This Christmas Alone While Still Being Grateful

The successful singer Jessie J updated her Instagram account and shared her list on how she spent this Christmas Eve while reminding everyone to be grateful for what they have.

This year everyone is having a different Christmas Eve than ever before, and some have the chance to be with their families, while others have to spend it alone.

Singer Jessie J is one of the names who is alone at this time, but she thinks that this situation should be looked at from the positive side and lets us know how to spend a Christmas alone.

On Christmas Eve, the 32-year-old singer made a long list which was basically about self-care but also she went to an ear doctor and learned that she had Meniere syndrome.

The singer, who cried a lot after taking care of herself because she could not be with her family and loved ones, later texted the people she loved and then wrote her intentions for 2021.

Furthermore, Jessie J decided to watch Queens’s Gambit but stopped watching it because of the pain in her ear she couldn’t focus, therefore experiencing Christmas Eve in such an odd way.

In the caption, she sent everyone lots of love and advised them to be grateful because she was grateful for making the most of her time alone as it may never be like this again.

After this sharing, the most interesting like came from the actor Channing Tatum, who she broke up with in October. It is not known whether the couple is meeting again or not.

Here’s the caption:

“Today I…
1. Went to an ear doctor and got told I have meniere syndrome 🤘🏻
2. Took a nap
3. Made pasta
4. Dyed my eyebrows
5. Gave myself a facial
6. Covered myself in coconut oil and walked around naked to let it sink in listening to Christmas music. It was as awkward as it sounds
7. Had a big cry (missing my friends and family in 🇬🇧 important to let it out and let yourself feel, it just don’t sit in it. Can’t change it so don’t let it ruin your Christmas)
8. Texted with people who make me 🙂
9. Wrote down some intentions for 2021.
10. I am now watching Queens Gambit with my finger in my ear 😂👂🏻🤌🏻 I’ve done the first episode 4 times because I zero focus and my ear sounds like someone crawled in and turned a hair dryer on.

BIG weird non traditional Christmas Eve vibes…

Sending LOVE to everyone who needs it, is or isn’t alone. We all need some extra love. This Christmas might be a little off. BUT one in a lifetime isn’t bad when some people haven’t had one good one in their lifetime.

Think about what you do have this week, not what you don’t.

I’m so grateful 🥰
Making the most of this alone time.
I may never get it like this again.

Merry Christmas 🎄

Remember to wear a mask and be careful out there. We have to work together to get through this and WASH those mince pie crumbs covered hands.”

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