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Jhené Aiko’s Fans Claim That Her Father Looks Like Drake

Jhené Aiko’s Fans Claim That Her Father Looks Like Drake

Singer/songwriter Jhene Aiko has updated her Instagram feed to celebrate Father’s Day, and she sent a sweet message to her father, Karamo Chilombo. But, her fans were there for a very different purpose.

Jhene celebrated Father’s Day by penning a simple message to her dad and wrote that she’s grateful for the wisdom of her father and life lesson that her father taught her. Also, she shared an old photo of her father with the fans.

Here’s what she captioned:

“Happy Father’s Day, Dr. Chill 💫 Thank you for the immense wisdom you continue to share with all 🙏🏼 you are a gem. I am grateful we have gotten closer throughout the years. I love you.”

On the other hand, Aiko’s fans and followers flocked to the comment section and claimed that her father looks so much like Grammy-winning Canadian rapper, Drake.

A fan nicknamed burberrray commented and said:

“I thought that was Drake lmao.”

Also, a user nicknamed a.cap89 wrote:

“Why he look like Drake in the 60’s haha.”

Another follower nicknamed andactamgacc penned:

“So, Drake is your father.”

Also, some fans claimed that her father looks like Drake’s dad, Dennis Graham.

A fan nicknamed doublentendre_ said:

“I thought this was Drake’s dad, lmao.”

Peep the Instagram photo below.

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