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Jim Carrey Admires A Fan’s Earrings That Made Of His Smiling Face

Jim Carrey Admires A Fan’s Earrings That Made Of His Smiling Face

Jim Carrey, one of the funniest actors in the history of cinema and winner of the Golden Globe award twice, interacts with his fans on social media from time to time after his successful career.

A Twitter user mentioned Jim Carrey to congratulate her on her birthday and shared her interesting earrings. On her earrings was a picture of Jim Carrey smiling.

Jim Carrey did not offend his fan and celebrated her birthday. She also reacted to his fan’s hilarious earrings and showed his admiration for the earrings.

Here’s what Jim Carrey wrote:

“Happy Birthday Maliza! Better late than never. Love the earrings…hope you hear good news every time you have them on. ;^D”

Check out the Twitter post below.

Back in November, in a recent Twitter post, Morgan Freeman went back to the good old days and shared a photo of a Jim Carrey quote and a scene from the movie, Bruce Almighty. Expressing that he enjoys working together on Bruce Almighty, Freeman hopes for a sequel.

As you may recall, Bruce Almighty, a television field reporter named Bruce Nolan, shows his rebellion against God and is a film that describes God’s powers at one point in his life. Bruce Nolan portrayed Jim Carrey with Morgan Freeman as God.

Freeman tweeted:

“Jim and I had a wonderful time working together on Bruce Almighty and I’m hoping we can do it again…time for a sequel?”

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