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Jim Carrey Continues To Post Highly Critical Cartoon About 2020 American Elections

Jim Carrey Continues To Post Highly Critical Cartoon About 2020 American Elections

Five days before the election, everyone in America, from singers to reality stars and actors, have posted on social media about the 2020 American elections. The other day, famous comedian Jim Carrey who has long been known for criticizing the Republican Party and known for his anti-Trump posts, shared another highly critical cartoon on his official Twitter account.

As the election day approaches, the posts about voting have started to increase. In the timeline, it is almost impossible to see anything other than the posts that invite people to vote and emphasize its importance.

Previously, Jim Carrey had shared a cartoon that was referring to the elections as a choice between two evils. There was a blindfolded man in the cartoon, and this man had two cans in both hands. It was a critic about the system not being exactly perfect, but it claimed that because one of them was much more guilty and corruptive than the other, they should choose the less harmful blue can instead.

On Thursday, Jim Carrey shared another cartoon on his Twitter account, which seemed like a new critic on The Trump administration. The cartoon was quite scary looking and had a Halloween background and in the front there was Trump with werewolf teeth and he was trying to loosen his tight red tie.

Referring to the insufficient COVID-19 measures in America, Jim Carrey stated that this year there is not going to be any trick-or-treats and no bags of candies because of the pandemic. He described President Trump as a werewolf who was in a hideous transformation. He ended his words by urging the followers to vote for Biden Harris.

Here’s what he tweeted:

“No trick-or-treating this year. No bags of candies touched by strangers. This is his America; his house of horrors. His hideous transformation is almost complete. Your vote is the silver bullet. #BidenHarris”

Check out the tweet below.

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