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Jim Carrey Reveals Who He Supports In 2020 American Elections With A Highly Critical Cartoon

Jim Carrey Reveals Who He Supports In 2020 American Elections With A Highly Critical Cartoon

Less than two weeks before the elections, everyone in America, from singers to reality stars and actors, have posted on social media about the 2020 American elections. The other day, famous comedian Jim Carrey shared his opinion about the elections with a highly critical cartoon on his official Twitter account.

Almost all celebrities in Hollywood have something to say about the elections to be held in America. As the election day approaches, the posts about voting have started to increase. In the timeline, it is almost impossible to see anything other than the posts that invite people to vote and emphasize its importance.

The famous comedian Jim Carrey was recently seen doing a Joe Biden imitation on SNL, but his imitation was not very good and was criticized.

On Wednesday, Jim Carrey shared a cartoon on his Twitter account, which seemed like a critic on the elections about its being a choice between two evils. There was a blindfolded man in the cartoon, with a black and white American flag on his back, and this man had two cans in both hands.

One of the cans which were red said “blatant corruption” and looked like a pretty bad choice with a deadly sign, and the other box in blue that said “corruption light” on it.

Jim Carrey has long been known for criticizing the Republican Party and for his anti-Trump posts, and in this latest post he made a critic about the system not being exactly perfect, but because one of them is much more guilty and corruptive than the other, they should choose the less harmful blue can instead. Therefore, once again Jim Carrey showed his support for Joe Biden.

Here’s what Jim Carrey stated:

” There are 2 parties to choose from in our corporate idiocracy. Neither is perfect. But only one is guilty of criminal negligent homicide on a massive scale, and probably, treason.

Red is dead. Do blue instead. #BidenHarris”

There is very little time left for the 2020 US presidential elections, and every vote is very valuable for the elections to be held on Tuesday, November 3.

Check out the tweet below.

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