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Jim Carrey Scoffs Ice Cube And Lil Wayne As Joe Biden On SNL

Jim Carrey Scoffs Ice Cube And Lil Wayne As Joe Biden On SNL

The famous comedian, Jim Carrey, has long been known for criticizing the Republican Party and for his anti-Trump posts and in the past weeks he was seen as Joe Biden on SNL, but his parody was not found very good and it was criticized. However, on this weekend’s special Halloween episode, he again appeared as Joe Biden.

After the episode that achieved great success with Adele’s presentation last weekend and in this episode of SNL, Joe Biden opened the show to read a “scary” story about the elections that will take place on November 3.

Edgar Allan Poe’s famous poem “The Raven” was re-written and the sketch referred to the latest topics of the election, one of which was about the surprising move of Lil Wayne and Ice Cube, who announced their support for Donald Trump.

After Ice Cube had met with Donald Trump’s administration and sat at the table for a solution for Black Americans, last week Lil Wayne also gave his support to Trump and his Platinum Plan, which aims to boost economic equality between white and Black Americans. Lil Wayne and Trump smiled and gave thumbs-up signs to the cameras.

After this incident, the rapper’s parody appeared on the show where the political satire was successfully made. While Jim Carrey was reading his poem, the rappers, Ice Cube (Kenan Thompson) and Lil Wayne (Chris Redd) came in and an interesting dialogue occurred between them.

Carrey’s Biden implied that they were not a haunted country but that they just needed to come together as a country, and although Ice Cube and Lil Wayne will vote for Trump, he warned other people not to vote for him.

When Joe Biden asked them why they were supporting Trump, famous rappers simultaneously said “Taxes!” in unison.

As it is known, because of Joe Biden’s 62 per cent tax plan, 50 Cent’s vote also shifted to Trump’s side, but later on, he changed his mind again. In fact, there was an interesting incident between Ice Cube, 50 Cent and Eric Trump, which you can find here.

In the continuation of the sketch, the actor who played Lil Wayne showed the chains around his neck and said, “Plus, Trump got a new platinum plan” satirizing what Lil Wayne wrote on Twitter.

Let’s see what issues SNL will discuss in the next week’s episode after the elections to be held on Tuesday.

You can watch the video down below.

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