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Joe Jonas Hints At The Claims Of Sophie Turner’s Pregnancy

Joe Jonas Hints At The Claims Of Sophie Turner’s Pregnancy

Jonas Brother member Joe Jonas has uploaded a new photo of her lovely wife and actress Sophie Turner on Instagram Stories and responded to the claims of Sophie Turner’s pregnancy with a hilarious photo.

As we all know, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner surprised fans and got married in Las Vegas after the Billboard Music Awards in May 2019.

According to reports from multiple sources, they claimed that Turner is pregnant. She believed to be about five months pregnant. However, the couple hasn’t yet confirmed her pregnancy.

On Sunday, Joe Jonas took to social media to share a photo of his wife. Sophie was giving us a thumbs-up sign by wearing a blue-color bathrobe, with a pair of sunglasses.

As you might see in the photo, it wasn’t clear that she is pregnant or not but you can easily see Turner’s belly. Joe hinted at her pregnancy with this photo, and he also left a brief note on the photo.

Here’s what Joe Jonas wrote:

“Today’s vibe.”

See the Instagram photo below.

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