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Joey Bada$$ Announces That He’s Working On A New Album

Joey Bada$$ Announces That He’s Working On A New Album

New York hip-hop artist Joey Bada$$ has posted a new tweet on his verified Twitter page, saying that he’s working on a new album.

In the tweet, Joey hinted at he is back in the studio for a new album. He also said that the world needs him. Joey’s latest work was in 2017, ‘All-Amerikkkan Bada$$.’

The tweet received over 13k likes in a short period, and many of his followers headed to the comment section to get some more details about the album.

Here’s what Joey wrote:

“Just gettin’ a few more ducks lined up fo I start bucking these niggaz. World need new bada$$ & itz coming 😈 #LP3”

A Twitter user named Jared commented and wrote this:

“Can’t wait. This is an important album for you. If it’s on par with the last 2 you’re already up there in my books.”

Another fan named mistapeeee said this:

“Joey is one of the most talented in the game and I respect him so much for making the music he does. He would get tons more streams if he sold out and made generic hits, but instead, his music is progressive as fuck, meaningful, and full of emotion and effort.·”

Check out the tweet below.

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