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John Boyega Declares He Gets Tired Of ‘Toxic’ Star Wars Fans

John Boyega Declares He Gets Tired Of ‘Toxic’ Star Wars Fans

Actor John Boyega, who is known widely as Finn from the Star Wars sequel trilogy, has shut down toxic Star Wars fans after their racist attacks.

Boyega has been subjected to some racist attacks since the film’s trilogy ended. He was also criticized by some fans after he said he would no longer be in the Star Wars franchise. However, he posted a series of tweets stating that he was still receiving racist messages despite these that a long time had passed.

Tired of the aggressive messages of internet trolls, Boyega tweeted a few for them. He mentioned them as toxic Star Wars fans in their tweets and said he doesn’t give a f**k with them anymore.

Here’s what John Boyega wrote:

“Toxic Star Wars fans still find their way to my mentions. Lord. Must I be blunt? I don’t fuck with you no more.”

In another tweet:

“Lord waited so long to tell the toxic fans to fack off.”

Check out the Twitter posts below.

Back on July 20, the actor revealed why he moved on from the Star Wars franchise, and he doesn’t want to appear in the Star Wars anymore after a fan request that he wanted to see him in the new star wars movie.

The fan wrote:

“Force Finn in action with Green lightsaber dressed in black is all I want from the next SW film!”

Boyega replied:

“lol no thank you. I’ve moved on. Nope. Not into playing one role for too long. I have more to offer than that. That’s all.”

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