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John David Washington Reveals Whether Christopher Nolan Will Make ‘Tenet 2’

John David Washington Reveals Whether Christopher Nolan Will Make ‘Tenet 2’

Actor and also the son of  Denzel Washington, John David Washington revealed whether iconic director Christopher Nolan will make ‘Tenet 2.’

John David played the role of The Protagonist in Christopher Nolan’s Tenet and received positive comments from many critics. Nolan’s movie came out with a delay due to the coronavirus pandemic and fell short of expectations at the box office. Despite all these negativities, the number of people who liked the movie was quite high. However, despite all these negativities, the movie managed to attract attention.

John David Washington revealed some unknowns about Christopher Nolan and his movie Tenet in a recent interview with Complex. Explaining that he had learned so much from the director on the set of Tenet and working with Nolan, who saw him as a hero, he revealed what the best things he had learned were.

Here’s what he said:

“No matter what the budget is, how big it is, what’s on the line, it’s all about storytelling. There were some of the biggest, most elaborate set pieces ever in all these beautiful locations. Beautiful Mediterranean waters and the Amalfi Coast. Yet there were also these moments that felt like an indie film.

That was like literally no noise. It was just us discussing these lines, and as an actor I [realized] that it’s still about the story at the end of day. The bells and whistles [make it] important, [and] make it an event. Christopher Nolan is an event in himself, but it’s still about the story.”

He said he learned this from Washington Nolan, who said he cares about the collaborative aspect of filmmaking. He said that Nolan had nothing to prove that he did everything and loved it. He continued:

“He seems to care about the collaborative aspect of filmmaking, which is what I learned. No matter where you are in his career, he has nothing to prove. He’s done it all, and he just loves it. He’s doing it because he loves it, and he’s doing it because he believes in, to me in my experience, the collaborative aspect of what we do.”

When asked if Christopher Nolan loved it enough to make Tenet 2, John David Washington said he didn’t know if he would make Tenet 2, but he loved it enough.

Here’s what he said:

“I think he loves it enough. I don’t know if he’ll execute a Tenet 2, because he’s an artist. He does what he wants to do. That’s why we show up every time.”

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