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John David Washington Says ‘I’m Doing All Right To Keep Pushing’ As He Explains How He Feels In 2020

John David Washington Says ‘I’m Doing All Right To Keep Pushing’ As He Explains How He Feels In 2020

Actor and the son of Denzel Washington, John David Washington has revealed the unknowns about what he’s feeling in 2020 and compared his best years.

As we all know, John David played the role of The Protagonist in Christopher Nolan’s movie Tenet. Tenet, one of the films most affected by the coronavirus pandemic, has become one of the most popular films of 2020, although it could not achieve the desired box office success.

The last time the interviewer spoke to the actor in 2018, the interviewer reminded the actor that he spoke very positively for 2018 and beyond. In his last conversation with Complex, looking back to 2020, the same interviewer asked what the actor was doing and how he felt in 2020 since the last speech.

John David Washington said it was a year he was alone with himself and he was thinking of himself. Its results are completely positive. The actor also said he was doing his best to keep pushing.

Here’s what he stated:

“It’s been a year of reflection and sitting with myself, sort of taking inventory of what’s been going on even before I last spoke to you, and trying to find—not to sound too dramatic—the meaning of life, and making sure I’m on the right page and having the time to do that because of what’s going on. Ultimately, what I found in that reflection is all positive, and I think I’m doing all right to keep going, to keep pushing.”

The interviewer also asked that when he asked if he remembered the first time he talked to Christopher Nolan about the Tenet movie, he remembered his first speech, but that was not about Tenet.

He said:

“I remember the first conversation I had with him, but it was not about this film. What I found in that two-and-a-half-hour exchange was just a man that loved film, a man that was really cool, funny, and “regular”. I don’t know why, I just didn’t expect that. I thought he was going to be…I don’t know, like a robot or something. It was really cool to just talk to him for two-and-a-half hours in his office about our relationship to film, what it means to me, [and] what it means to him. Tenet didn’t come up at all, until I got the call saying I got the job.”

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