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John Legend Claims President Donald Trump Will Destroy The US And Shares A Way To Prevent It

John Legend Claims President Donald Trump Will Destroy The US And Shares A Way To Prevent It

Singer-songwriter John Legend thinks President Donald Trump damages this country by using his presidential power after going to the Kenosha, where Jacob Blake was shot by the cops.

On Twitter, a television host, Joy Reid, claimed that Donald Trump would go to Kenosha to create more violence instead of going to calm the city or Jacob Blake’s family. She wrote:

“Let’s just be clear: Donald Trump is not going to Kenosha to calm the city or to comfort the family of Jacob Blake, or the families of Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum, the two young men shot to death by one of Trump’s supporters. He’s going to Kenosha to whip up more violence.”

John Legend quoted her tweet and also claimed that Trump would destroy the US and shares a way to prevent this; giving vote.

Here’s what Legend said:

“Donald Trump will destroy this country in order to maintain power. We have to hand him a resounding defeat in November.”

He also responded to a Donald Trump supporter, saying convince me not to vote for Trump. Here’s the conversation:

Trump supporter wrote:

“Who should take Trump’s place? A guy that doesn’t promise anything and runs on destroying Trump? Please convince me with policies and not with ‘I’m better because I’m not Trump.'”

Legend said:

“Read the goddamn website. I’m tired of twitter geniuses asking to be convinced that Biden-Harris policies are better. Read them for yourself. They actually put a lot of time and thought into them and coordinated with lots of progressives, including Warren and Sanders.”

He also added:

“Meanwhile the GOP platform is literally ‘WE LOVE OUR DEAR LEADER'”

Check out the Twitter posts below.

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