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Jonas Brothers Talks About Their Lives And Growth

Jonas Brothers Talks About Their Lives And Growth

During a recent interview with TimesTalks, Jonas Brothers and OneRepublic frontman and singer Ryan Tedder have talked about personal lives, growth and more.

According to Nick Jonas:

“We were in a really odd spot back then. In one part of our life and career, we were pretending to be teenagers, unaccompanied in LA, living the dream. The show didn’t really make sense to me; I didn’t know what it was about. But it was something to do with us being a band and in LA. … There was that aspect of it that felt kind of cheesy.”

Joe Jonas chimed in before Nick Jonas continued:

“We were also a band called Jonas, but we weren’t brothers”

Nick Jonas continued:

“On the flip side to that, we were Grammy-nominated. I think that that was hard for us to wrap our heads around. In some circles being accepted as real artists, and musicians, and storytellers, and in the other being known for something that didn’t really feel authentic to us but was a major platform.

We really never subscribed to the narrative that ‘Disney is bad’ or bad for us. In our minds, Disney was the best years of training, how to be a professional. It was an enormous platform that really set us up in a big way, and we’re thankful for that.

The flip side of that too was that it was limiting, at a certain point. When we wanted to grow and evolve as artists, it started to insulate because we felt like people that we wanted to work with, like the Ryan Tedders of the world, maybe they wouldn’t want to work with us because they didn’t take us seriously. But in the same breath at times, we would get recognition in a critical way.

We were always kind of battling that, trying to figure where we landed. It wasn’t actually until we grew and aged up, and became men and actually went on a journey [that that changed].”

You can watch the full interview below.

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