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Josh Brolin Pens An Emotional Letter To His Lovely Wife

Josh Brolin Pens An Emotional Letter To His Lovely Wife

The son of the legendary actor James Brolin, Josh Brolin, posted a really emotional photo on his verified Instagram page and penned a really sincere ‘thank you’ message to his lovely wife Kathryn Boyd.

As you might check out the photo of the couple who are together since 2016, you might easily notice that they are holding the frame which was taken during Josh’s younghood.

Here is what Josh wrote while posting this great picture:

“Evidence of when your wife knows the deepest caverns of your psyche. If there was one thing I ever wanted it would be a writer’s hut based on Dylan Thomas’s boathouse in Wales. Check.

If there was anything else that moves me beyond my diamonds of family heart, it would be those photos of William Albert Allard’s West. There’s nobody who captures the essence of what I grew up around like he has and does.

My love, you move me beyond tears, beyond laughter, beyond beginnings and ends. I can’t imagine you not there, once there, your air arrested my ball and chain not; your wings lift my weight, feathery. I love you so much. xox ❤️ @kathrynbrolin”

Jeffrey Dean Morgan commented on the post and wrote this:

“This is beautiful. You are a lucky man my friend.”

Another user named Lee Jeffries commented:

“Whoa! That’s amazing!! Way to go Kathryn!!! Two incredibly inspirational gifts! A visual to provoke and a place of peace to do! The Josh Brolin book is happening ❤️”

You can check out the photo of Josh and Kathyrn below.

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